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Calculating GPS Distance in PHP

During the initial design and implementation phases of ForenCity, I have to test out whether the player is actually inside a scene. This current implementation only allows us to configure a GPS point for a scene and test whether the player is inside a specified radius.

Edit and Read PDFs in PowerShell with iTextSharp

Apart from having to send personalised emails using PowerShell, I have also needed to interact with PDFs using PowerShell. My most common use case is reading in marks from a marksheet (a PDF form). I create a template PDF with fillable form fields and then, from there, create individual ones to send the students or colleagues. Doing this by hand for 40 or 50 marksheets can be tedious, so I have come to rely on PowerShell once again. I have found iTextSharp to be the best tool to use in Pow…

Sending Email with Outlook in PowerShell

One thing I very often find myself doing is sending personalised emails to a large group of students (or colleagues). Now, I can always use a MailMerge or something similar, but I’ve found that a simple PowerShell script that hooks onto Microsoft Outlook gets the job done in less amount of time and with less hassle!