Frans Blauw

Software Engineering Lecturer

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, I lecture software engineering at the Academy of Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of Johannesburg, a major metropolitan university.

Practical Software Engineering

How do you take theory-heavy content and make it hands-on for hands-on students? Where else can a student innovate and, when making mistakes, still have the opportunity to learn and make more? At university, of course.

Learning at a university, unfortunately, mostly means a student must still sit for and pass a written examination to progress. However, this does not mean that the practical is just a side salad to the theoretical main course. My goal is to achieve authentic learning by deeply integrating the theory with the practical. To this end, I ensure that all theory work covered during the module in some way or another pertains directly to the students’ practical work now and follows their development life cycle.

Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!
– Ms Valerie Felicity “The Friz” Frizzle